Vinyl & Timber Floor Cleaning

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Is your vinyl or wooden flooring looking dull or worn out? We can help. We have years of experience within the ground enterprise. Call us for advice.

An old ground can shine like a replicate. We will develop into your constructing, all it takes patience, ability, and a clear run after hours!shiny, smooth flooring are convenient to hold, and your premises will get an elevated without a refit. Accelerated uneven floor presentation boosts company image and creates appreciate on your premises. We specialise in:

  • Vinyl ground sealing
  • vinyl ground scrubbing
  • Vinyl flooring cleaning
  • Vinyl floor sharpening
  • home flooring
  • business levels
  • Why Choose Us?

    Surfaces in terrible condition can also cautiously restore, and high visitors areas can have periodic reapplication of protective polish and machine buffing to convey the shine again. Our ongoing upkeep plans now not only preserve your flooring in attractive condition but also prevent cash and lengthen the lifetime of your ground surfaces. We have educated gurus in rough Floor Care. Our Service include:

  • Strip, seal and polishing of vinyl floors
  • Machine scrubbing of vinyl, tiles, stone and polished concrete floors
  • Machine burnishing and restoration of dull and scuffed vinyl floors
  • Stone floor care, using high tech pads
  • Cleaning and buffing wooden floors, mopping with high-tech micro fibre mops
  • Maintenance and cleaning of tiles and grout
  • Floor care maintenance plans
  • Our operatives endure extensive coaching to be able to handle any substantial ground successfully and professionally. We use the ultra-modern machinery and apparatus on hand and a hundred% environmentally-pleasant, non-hazardous tidiness products. At A1 House cleaning, We’ve the ability to provide regularly excessive-satisfactory service at an affordable price and will give you a customised option to meet your precise wants and will match our services around your pursuits.

    Our expertise is in offering excessive average uneven floor cleaning offerings together with wooden flooring cleanup, marble ground cleansing, limestone flooring cleanup, linoleum cleanup in each industrial and residential residences.

    Authentic floor cleaning and sprucing is fundamental for keeping your floors and bringing their former magnificence again. As part of our specialities in flooring cleanup and sprucing, our long years of expertise can rest our customers assured they’re going to reap sophisticated floor cleaning and restoration.

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